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Genius - you make me want to wear polkadots [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]


Genius [Jul. 3rd, 2006|09:45 pm]
you make me want to wear polkadots


Hats off to whoever created this community. The Pipettes make me want to wear polka dots, obviously. Strawberry Switchblade do too, queens of the polka dots. I am quite annoyed with the Pipettes actually, since I had always planned to dress my 3 hypothetical bridesmaids at my hypothetical future wedding in 1950s style black and white polka dot dresses and now it will just look like they are a tribute band.

Anyway, my favourite polka dotty items at the moment are red and white peep-toe shoes with bows on from topshop. Also, George at Asda do an amazing baby blue dress with white polka dots. Strapless, with a sash, pleated full skirt and only £20. Amazing.

[User Picture]From: thebustocrookes
2006-07-03 09:18 pm (UTC)


How come I forgot to list Strawberry Switchblade as one of my "interests"?

Of course, now I know where my first polkadotted experience came from...

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From: theetoanunnery
2006-07-03 10:32 pm (UTC)

We are rather fab aren't we?

Love the thought of your tribute band bridesmaid troupe. You should just have one of them ANYWAY. What is this Strawberry Switchblade of which you speak?
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[User Picture]From: disenchantdpony
2006-07-03 10:41 pm (UTC)

Re: We are rather fab aren't we?

A twee-ish Glasgow band from the 80s. This site should explain everything. Check out the downloads, expecially Trees and Flowers.
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